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What is a PDU?

Professional Development Unit

How many PDUs do I need to renew my license?

PDUs required for a full license (based on the length of the license being renewed and currently held, and not the number of years to be renewed. All licensed educators must complete 25 PDUs per year of the licensure term as follows:

  • 50 PDUs if you have a two year license;
  • 75 PDUs if you have a three year license; and
  • 125 PDUs if you have a five year license.

PDUs for Substitute Teaching or Restricted Substitute Teaching Licenses:

  • PDUs are no longer required for Substitute Teaching or Restricted Substitute Teaching Licenses.
What documentation must be submitted?

All educators subject to the new requirements must submit a Log of Professional Development Activities worksheet in addition to verification of completion for each activity claiming PDU credit (i.e. statement of completion, certificate of attendance, etc.) or an official transcript if coursework was completed.

What evidence do I need to show that I’ve completed the required PDUs?

For information concerning the PDU requirements specific to individual license types, please see PDU Overview or refernce the aforementioned list above.

  • All PDUs must fall within one of these seven standards.
  • The Log of Professional Development Activities should be used to record all PDU activities completed during the life of the license.
  • If the educator plans to attend an event that is eligible for PDU credit but the event does not provide a certificate of attendance, a PDU Verification Form should be completed. Fill out the top portion of this form and take it to the event. Request that an authority figure related to sponsorship of the event sign the form, verifying attendance.
I’m short PDUs. How can I obtain more?

Below are a few links to help you find useful and affordable PDU options: