About Us  Cascade Technology Alliance

Technology has become a cornerstone in all aspects of education from guiding instruction in the classrooms to supporting staff at the district level. It is without question that technology is in a constant state of evolution. As needs, funding, and services change over time, it can be difficult to adapt programs effectively and efficiently. Seeing an opportunity to increase support of the mission to provide equitable access to all students; Columbia Gorge ESD, Multnomah ESD, Northwest Regional ESD, and Willamette ESD joined through an intergovernmental agreement in 2011 to form the Cascade Technology Alliance (CTA). CTA now serves 53 constituent school districts, private and charter schools, as well as other public and non-profit agencies.

The CTA service model has demonstrated tremendous value for education services in the Northwest Region of Oregon. Together, the four service districts have provided school districts with enhanced service quality and reliability of technological services while reducing costs. CTA's focus on collaboration has increased its buying power, ability to offer a wide range of services, and provide a team of expert technology staff.

Focusing on providing a broad support network with a borderless service model, CTA has made it possible for smaller districts to participate in services that were previously out of reach. Additionally, CTA has decreased costs for larger districts while continuing to streamline services. Working to provide expert technical service and support, CTA is also constantly evolving its service offerings as it reviews current needs and trends.

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